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3227 Georgia Ave.,  NW

Washington, DC 20010

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Tabla is DC's first fast-casual spot featuring the most popular dishes from the Republic of Georgia!

Think khachapuri and khinkali, the stuffed bread and soup dumplings that put Georgian food on the District’s dining map! You’ll find your traditional favorites and some new faves that our chefs dreamed up combining Georgian flavors and formats with influences from our chefs’ own imaginations!

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Spring Wine Fling Offer

Teliani Valley Amber Blend ($12)


A great introduction to what traditional Georgian winemaking is all about.  This is an amber wine, which is the world’s oldest style of wine, in this case from the world’s oldest wine culture – 8,000 vintages and counting!  (Amber wine is what happens when you take white-skinned grapes and ferment them together with their skins, the way you would normally make red wine.) 

Here, Teliani Valley blends four classic Georgian grapes – rkatsiteli, mtsvane, khikhvi, and kisi – in the traditional terracotta ‘qvevri’ where fermentation takes place.  It’s dry but with plenty of fruit: dried apricot, honey, and almond notes.


Pair with our Happy Hour Mini-Ajaruli Khachapuri or our Pork & Pomegranate BBQ Imeruli Khachapuri.  The blend of fresh and dried fruit notes in the wine complements the sweet & savory & cheesy khachapuri perfectly! 

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